Perry's Story - Fundraiser Drive

Perry's Story - Fundraiser Drive


My show horse, Perry's Ranger, was diagnosed about six weeks ago with a serious virus called Strangles. Despite the numerous measures taken to make sure the virus did not spread, he unfortunately caught it. It usually runs it course, but something became very wrong. He was completely symptom free for six days and on the seventh day his fever came back. His salivary glands began to swell and the vet that had been monitoring him was called out. After the exam, God told me to get another opinion and so we had another vet out on Monday. He was given an ultrasound and had a procedure done on-site to try to open up and drain some of the infection that had spread to his guttural pouches. The vet immediately contacted OSU and we took him that week. He has spent numerous days at OSU in their isolation wing, had numerous procedures done to flush out the infection, and still needs multiple more to rule out the need for surgery. He was doing well after a few days when the swelling traveled and became too much for him again. He lost a lot of his airway to breathe due to swelling, so they did another procedure to give him a trachea and medicine. They had to open up both sides of his neck to help with drainage as well. The surgeon is going to be coming to open up more of those holes to get out as much infection as possible. We will have a long road ahead of us.

The medical bills have have exhausted our emergency funds. All proceeds raised will be used towards his stay at OSU, all procedures, and possibly surgery. Please help us fight to save such an amazing horse. The vet has said multiple times how sweet, charming, and amazingly patient he is with everyone there. Anyone who has met him will tell you how he has touched the lives of many and how much of a fighter he is.


Thank you,

Blayne Garsky


KP REVIVE Shop is helping to raise money for Perry's medical bills! We have put together a collection for Blayne & Perry's local family and friends. Click the link below to see the full collection! KP REVIVE will also be donating an additional 10% of all other products sold on the website.


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